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LDR Site Services is here to provide the best possible porta potty rental experience in Salt Lake City, UT. We offer a wide selection of porta potty types to meet all your needs.
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LDR Porta Potty Types

LDR Porta Potty Types for Your Convenience

Standard Porta Potties for Reliable Comfort

Our standard porta potty units are a popular choice for outdoor events in Salt Lake City, UT. These units are equipped with essential amenities and a spacious interior featuring a toilet, urinal, and hand sanitizer dispenser. The exterior is constructed with durable materials, and each unit is equipped with a lockable door for added privacy and security throughout the unit rental period.

To ensure proper ventilation, the units are fitted with a ventilation system, guaranteeing a comfortable experience for your guests during the porta potty unit rental period. For larger events or projects that require additional facilities, we also offer portable restroom trailers that provide a more spacious and upscale restroom solution.

Whether you need standard porta potties for a small event or portable restroom trailers for a large gathering, LDR Site Services has the perfect portable sanitation solution to meet your needs.

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Deluxe Porta Potty Units for Upscale Events

If you want to upgrade your event experience, our deluxe porta potty units are the perfect choice. These luxury portable restrooms boast a spacious interior with full amenities, including a flushing toilet, sink, and mirror. The sleek design and upscale amenities, along with easy-to-use handles, add an element of sophistication to portable flushing toilets at any event in Salt Lake City.

For an even more luxurious restroom solution, we also offer luxury restroom trailers that provide an elevated and comfortable restroom experience. These trailers are equipped with modern amenities, air conditioning, and running water, offering a premium option for high-profile events and special occasions.

Our highly trained staff will take care of the delivery, setup, and maintenance of the portable restroom unit or luxury restroom trailer throughout your event, ensuring everything runs smoothly. With our deluxe porta potty units and luxury restroom trailers, you can elevate the restroom experience for your guests and make a lasting impression at your event.

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Wheelchair Accessible Porta Potties for Inclusivity

For events in Salt Lake City, inclusivity is crucial. That's why we offer wheelchair accessible restrooms and porta potty units designed to accommodate all users and individuals with mobility challenges. These units come with a spacious interior to allow for easy maneuverability, while grab bars provide added safety. With hand sanitizer and toilet paper dispensers inside the restroom, your guests with special needs can enjoy the portable restrooms for a clean and comfortable experience. The sleek and modern exterior of the restroom unit blends seamlessly with any event space or setting.

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ADA Compliant Porta Potties for Compliance

For public events and construction industry job sites, we offer ADA compliant porta potty units in Salt Lake City, UT. These units with portable bathrooms are built to meet all necessary ADA regulations for individuals with disabilities. The unit has spacious interior, grab bars, and low threshold ensure easy access and maneuverability. The sink is also wheelchair accessible, and both sinks and restrooms in the unit are equipped with hand sanitizer and toilet paper dispensers, making it user-friendly and inclusive for all attendees.

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Hand washing Stations

Hand Washing Stations for Hygienic Convenience

In Salt Lake City, UT, LDR Site Services offers portable hand washing stations for construction sites and events. These stations provide a convenient and hygienic solution for workers and attendees. They help prevent the spread of germs and reduce the risk of illness. Additionally, they can improve overall morale and productivity by promoting cleanliness and reducing downtime due to sickness. LDR Site Services' hand washing stations are a smart investment for any job site or event.
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LDR Porta Potty Rentals in Salt Lake City

At LDR Site Services, we take pride in being a nationwide managed site services company. Whether you need porta potty rentals, restroom trailers, crane rental, dumpster rentals, temporary fencing, scissor lifts, or equipment trailer and crane rentals in Salt Lake City or anywhere else in the US, we have you covered. With over 100 employees dedicated to serving your needs, we provide a single point of contact for all your requirements, ensuring efficiency, quality service and convenience.

Why Rent A Porta Potty In Salt Lake City

In today's fast-paced world where portable sanitation is a necessity, porta potty rental has become an essential service for events, construction sites, and outdoor gatherings. These portable toilets provide a convenient and hygienic solution for addressing the basic needs of individuals in areas where traditional restroom facilities are unavailable or inadequate.

The porta potty rental industry has witnessed significant growth in recent years, catering to the diverse needs of various industries and events. Whether it's a concert, festival, wedding, or construction project, renting portable toilets ensures that participants, guests, or workers have access to clean and functional facilities throughout the event.

With a wide range of portable toilet options available, it is crucial to understand the importance of porta potty rental and how it can greatly enhance the overall experience and convenience for everyone involved, while also promoting cleanliness and sanitation.

If you're looking for the only company with the best porta potty and portable toilet rental experience in Salt Lake City, UT, look no further than LDR Site Services. We take pride in offering a wide selection of porta potty types to cater to all your needs, whether it's for construction sites or special events. With over 25,000 satisfied porta potty rental customers and more than 100,000 successful porta potty and portable restroom rental deliveries, LDR Site Services has earned its reputation as the leading provider in the industry of portable toilet rentals.

Why Choose LDR For Porta Potty Rentals?

LDR Site Services takes pride in providing top-notch porta potty rentals and managed site construction services to customers nationwide. With a 4.93 rating out of 103 reviews, our commitment to customer satisfaction is evident. We believe in delivering dependable service, offering competitive pricing, and ensuring our customers have a hassle-free rental and construction experience.

If you're a contractor, in the middle of a construction project or planning a special event in Salt Lake City, UT, and need reliable porta potty rental portable restrooms, LDR Site Services is your go-to solution. Contact us today to discuss your requirements, and let our highly trained staff help you find the perfect porta potty rental or luxury portable restrooms for your various construction projects and needs. Dependable service, competitive pricing, and excellent customer support await you at LDR Site Services.

Customer Support and Dependable Service

We value our customers and prioritize their satisfaction. Our highly trained staff and friendly customer service representatives are always ready to assist you. Whether it's a last-minute request for a phone service or a specific concern, expect we go above and beyond to ensure your needs are met promptly and effectively.

Competitive Pricing for Budget-Friendly Options

Affordability is a key aspect of our service. We understand the importance of staying within budget, and we offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality. With LDR Site Services, you get the best value for your money, whether you need short-term trailer, porta potty, trailer and restroom trailer rentals or full trailer and long-term restroom trailer rentals.

When it comes to porta potty and portable toilet rentals, in Salt Lake City, UT, LDR Site Services stands out as a reliable and customer-focused choice. With a wide selection of portable toilet rentals and porta potty types, including standard, deluxe, wheelchair accessible, and ADA compliant units, we cater to diverse needs. Additionally, our commitment to customer support, dependable service, and competitive pricing makes us the go-to company for all your portable toilet rentals, sanitation and portable toilet rental supply needs.

Contact LDR Site Services today for a hassle-free and exceptional restroom supply and rental experience, whether you need full restrooms, porta potties, restrooms for a construction project, restrooms or luxury portable restrooms for a special event. Dependable service, competitive pricing, and excellent customer support await you at LDR Site Services.

4.93 rating out of 103 Reviews

LDR was quick to respond to an urgent need. The interactions with the reps were wonderful. Davontae was exceptionally polite, professional, and thorough. I would recommend giving these folks a call for construction site needs.
Every customer service rep that we’ve spoken with has been very helpful and friendly. They always seem to make our requests happen even if they are sometimes on short notice. Highly professional and would very much recommend.
Everyone I talked with was friendly and professional. When I called to extend my time they were helpful. I am so glad that I chose this Company from the cleanliness of the restroom as well as the helpful staff. I would highly recommend this company.
I have enjoyed my experience with LDR. This was my first experience with their services and customer support and they are on point. I highly recommend you use them.
LDR Site Services sure pulled our company out of a pickle by going above and beyond. Thank you so much for all your help!!
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If you’re in the middle of a project, you have a million things to worry about, you don’t have time for slow responding companies or late deliveries. Our commitment is to deliver the highest level of customer service in the industry delivering porta potties on time when and where you need them.

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Porta Potty Rental Questions

Frequently Asked Porta Potty Rental Questions

Before renting a porta potty for your event, construction sites, job, construction projects, sites or project in Salt Lake City, UT, you might have some questions. Here are some frequently asked questions to help you make an informed decision:

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